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Come back into balance

We have the capacity to create change, to bring balance and health in our lives. These practices are designed to give an experience of elevation and well-being through raising the flow of energy in the body, balancing the chakras and experiencing different states of consciousness. 

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.

Usuing the breath we can effect and manage different states of consciousness, relaxation, and well-being. I use different techniques to calm the mind, balance the emotions, harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, energize, calm and strengthen the nervous system, purify the bloodstream, stimulate, wake up, and increase vitality, and experience deep stillness.




Kundalini Yoga

This ancient practice is a modality of healing that works quickly to bring the body into perfect balance and harmony. The practice balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness energy of the mind and emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. For all levels of fitness, the practice is a dynamic blend of physical postures, breathing, mudras, mantras, stretching, meditation, sound healing and deep relaxation. 

The Kundalini energy is the flow of energy and consciousness which exists in each of us. It rests at the bottom of the spine and when stimulated, rises up to the top of the skull activating the secretion of the pineal gland. 

As the yoga of 'Awareness' the primary objective is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual; that is, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. Clear any inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness and prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do.


Meditation is a high performace tool that has been shown to signficantly reduce levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline--reducing inflammation, improve sleep, thicken areas of the cortex and insula---regions of the brain associated with complex thought, bodily awarenss, concentration, and problem solving. Meditation is no small thing. You'll think better, sleep better, feel better and change your life through greater self-awarness.


"Julie's class is the highlight of my week. She puts so much heart and soul in her classes. Each week I am rejuvenated and left wanting more.. I can't express how happy I am that I found her and the gift of Kundalini and Sound."

--- Ana, Student

"Julie brings something special to her class each week. She makes it so easy to drop into my body. She comes so prepared with new information, new music, new breath practices. I've tried other kundalini classes, but her class is by far a favorite. So thankful to know her."

--- Andrew, Student & Client

"I attend Julie's class weekly. I have deep female trauma wounds and recently asked to be presented with examples of different female possibilites, so I could see the beauty and goodness of women. Julie has been one of these women. It radiates from her in a pure way and has been a poweful example to see each week. I am honored to have met and know her." 

---  M, student

"Julie is pure light. Her class is amazing. I have never experienced anything like Kundalini Yoga before." 

— Sara, student

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