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Shamanic Guide

Soul work - You are your gift. You are your medicine.


Energetic Interferences

Illness, confusion and negative behavior patterns can often be attributed to some sort of strong emotions, spirit or energetic exchange trapped in the emotional and physical body. Connecting with that energy through shamanic journey and somatic sensory meditation can release what is trapped. This release allows one to again be fully embodied and empowered to live in the individuals pure essence. 

Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval

Restoring fragmented parts of the soul and power to those who have been dramatically disempowered and weakened by their life experiences. When traumatic events occur, people dissociate or split to protect from the experience. Shamans assist in restoring/retrieving these soul moments and power losses. 

Shamanic Journeying

Visionary states of consciousness to direct focused awareness from ordinary reality to non-ordinary reality. Bridging the worlds while connecting to Spirits of nature, elementals, ancestral, guardians, guides, animals, angelic and teachers.

Past life Regression

A method of hypnosis to recover memories earlier in life, in the womb or from past lives. Nothing comes from nothing. If you are stuck in a particular emotion, regression therapy can help you understand how an experience is informing your current reality. This work is powerful and incredibly healing. 

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