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Awaken to YOU


There is infinitely more to life than what we experience in our perceived reality. Let your journey to awakening begin. Wherever you find yourself, I offer methods and guidance to support you in experiencing a fulfilling, loving and wakeful life. We are all inevitably met with moments that ask us to courageously expand, to grow into the bigger version of ourselves, to live the way that our heart knows is possible. It is time...

How I can help


Work with Julie one-on-one to receive guidance and support in your relationships, everyday life, manifesting and anywhere you are feeling stuck.

Her coaching sessions are designed to 
connect you with your souls path for deeper knowing and healing.

It is how we relate with others that helps us understand our deepest needs, our heart's desires, our fears, our insecurities and our ability to transform our consciousness.


Individual & Couples



Discover the power of healing sound. Sound baths are like a cleanse for your cells; healing the body by reducing stress and anxiety, impacting the nervous system and decreasing blood pressure, tunes out your thoughts and tunes into meditation, allows you to open up and reconnect with one's self, leaves you more relaxed, balanced and focused.


Shamanic Guide

Soul Work

Shamanism is the worlds most ancient healing art. Shamanic journeywork involves connecting with helping spirits, moving between worlds, past life regressions, energy clearings, guiding of souls, restoring power and bringing the physical body in full connection with the spiritual body. With intention and trust, Julie will guide you to the truth you are seeking and the healing you are longing for. 


Julie uses the science of kundalini yoga, pranayama (yogic breath practice), meditation and mindfulness centered on the body to balance the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system, which enables you to harness energy of mind and emotion and expand your consciousness. 



Julie is an intuitive energy guide who uses channeling, somatic awareness, reiki, sound and other energetic techniques to receive messages, instruction and knowledge for healing. She works directly with the human organism and energy anatomy, called the subtle anatomy including; aura, meridians and chakras. 

Hello beautiful soul. It is time to Align with all that you are, your divine essence and soul's purpose. Trust your intuition, it knows the way.




"Today was really special to me. You were magical. I love your confidence and power and beauty. Thank you Julie. What a blessing it is to have someone like you on this planet. Thank you for all the work you've done to be who you are. Thank you for helping me, thank you for helping everyone. You are special and gifted. My words can't describe the depth of my emotion and feeling." 

— Ryan, Client

"Julie is simply amazing! Her energy is contagious, both uplifting and powerful. There is an indescribable energy that Julie emanates, my third-eye was beaming during her kundalini sessions and her overall presence brought joy to my soul. I’ve taken Kundalini classes in the past, but Julie brought my practice and soul to places I’ve never been." 

— Ben, Student & Bali participant

"Thank you Julie. Just adore you and so appreciate your light. I’ve been so conflicted about some big decisions and learning to trust myself since my divorce a few years ago. I’ve been writing out intentions of having sure guidance from my higher self. You came in with that gorgeous meditation yesterday and I spent the entire sound bath in unification with my higher self, receiving clear answers and visions of creation with her. Thank you for the effort you put in to be so clear, so you can receive and give help. You are an angel in my life." 

— J, Sound Bath participant

"You’ve given me something to look forward to, some hope at a deeper level that I’ve been looking for for a long time. The connection exercise stuck with me. The world melted away, I saw your soul, started crying, one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. So much appreciation." 

— B, Client

"Julie, thank you for holding my experience with such neutrality I can so clearly feel your desire to help, it’s like a softness and strength at the same time in the way you hold space. You have this kind of command of the session and you feel really kind and caring."  

— Dani, Client

"Julie was present, steady and focused. She brought gentleness and challenge around my struggle in my relationship with my son. I left our session feeling seen and supported, and inspired to love even in the midst of challenge. I moved from powerlessness and grief to presence and hope."

— Emma, Client

"Wow. I feel like I made more progress with you in two months as compared to my two years with my therapist. Thank you for creating space where I can be open and vulnerable. I haven't felt safe before to be so open and so honest. There is no judgement or need to be anything other than who I truly am. I feel you are heaven sent for me right now."

— Elle, Client

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