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Julie creates transformational experiences of Sacred Sound. From cosmic to tribal, the vibrations take the listener on a journey of elements in nature, water, earth and the cosmos. Available for private and group sessions.


When we experience the gong & crystal singing bowls, stronger energy begins to run in the body, pushing against physical, emotional and energetic blockages. Oftentimes these blockages will release during a sound bath and practitioners will experience an unexpected release of energy, emotion or even a rushing physical sensation.

The cells of the human body have a natural geometrical relationship to the structure of quartz crystals. Our DNA, blood, bones and the crystal colloidal liquid of the brain are all made up of crystalline structures. The sound vibrations of the crystal bowls and gong affect the body and brain creating a resonance that allows consciousness to travel into altered states of awarenss. During this state profound relaxation and deep meditation occur as you are bathed in powerful sound waves. 


Sound and Light are the language of Spirit. 

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